Bluffing My Way Through Life With Dysgraphia

I am now 39 years old and I first learned that I have dysgraphia when I was 24.    I don't have trouble in actual penmanship but my train of thought and placing them on paper is a difficult task for me.    I bluff my way in life articulating what I feel.   It get me in the door but I always been at risk getting fired  because of my writing sklills.   Even writing this online presents it challenge.   I am now in grad school and I rely on my husband to transalate on paper what I want to say.   I cannot do it on my own.   I feel I constantly of burdens relying on others.   The techniques of writing for dysgraphia does not help me.   Instead it brings my frustration to it highest peaks.   I have been asking pyschologist and special services in school if there is a study of group to find new methodolgy to my disability.   I have receive any feedback.   I hope someone read my stories and able to point me to the right direction.



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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Have you tried Dragon Naturally Speaking? For my son, it was like setting him free.

wow i was just about to suggest that! i don't have that problem per say but people keep recomending it