My Dysgraphia is more noticalble in my spelling. I am about to graduate college to become a teacher but I dont know now if I can do it. I am failing writing portions of tests requried for my teaching program because of spelling and now I am wondering if I can even teach...who wants a teacher who cant spell at time to teach thier kids.

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I Came across this and just thought I'd Say that you should absolutely, 100% still Be a teacher. :) If that is what you want to do then you Can do it.. You could even teach at a high enough level where they should know how to spell or a subject with little spelling and use powerpoint presentations. I have had plenty of teachers who werent good at spelling. It did make them seem a little less professional to me, but as far as I know they had no disorder that make it more difficult? But if I had known that in the situation is would not make me think of them like that, I would be more curious about the disorder and how it works.(lol but thats just how I am about stuff like that) But goodluck:) You can do it

Thank you for your kind comments!

I'm sure you have a lot of assets most other teachers could never offer thier students. I really think we NEED teachers with disorders like dysgraphia. For one thing you'll be a lot more attuned to the needs of your students