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Hello, I may add to this as I go..................I hope that is ok to do? I was diagnosed in the 3rd grade back in the early 70s. Back than, it was still something new to be tested. I was a tiny little girl.................shy and unsure. I never really thought about me acting up.......I grew up new a river bottom and we kids in the area were always outside hanging together. Yet, in class.......I would get real figity. I would sit twords the back.......looking at this time now, I did so for my insecuriteis. I did not want the other kids to see my errors. So, I would doodle alot......this would get me into trouble. At first the teachers thought I was a little slow..........I soon proved them wrong...............but I was always getting into doodling. I would litterally space out and forget to do what was assigned for me to do from the chalk bord. The words made sense to me. It really did not seem to matter if the were written upside down. I had no
Dyslexia has about ruined my life. I have lived most of my life in a blacl hole so to speak. Im now in my 40s and I look back and wonder why my society allowed me to slip between the cracks. I get scared. Anxious, if Im in an area, that Im unfamiliar with. Crazy thing is, I have no fear of traveling. Can speak dutch fairly well. That was a trip in itself as far as the written language and grasping it. I found that I learned many things over the years with music. Ok, Im stopping here. Is it ok to add as I go..............kindof use (I am Dyslexic) as an open journal.....and perhaps get some feed back? Thsi is a struggle for me,...............Thaks my new friends that understand LOL
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I too was tested in third grade which I repeated for obvious reasons but at 57 my anger issues are causing me to re-evaluate my Dyslexia. Never have been able to spell well, can not hear or learn song lyrics yet I can just know people by their expressions and mannerisms. Turning to alcohol or other drugs helps with anxiety but not self esteem or doubting. I have trouble being in crowds and have good long term memory but terrible short term memory. Talking to people I constantly interrupt because unable to keep train of though while they speak. Creates terribly awkward moments and social situations. Spend a lot time alone purposely, who knows what is normal anyway.

Yeah dyslexia has ****** my life. my 29 year old lifeguard, cant spell cant do maths, get lost easily, i muddle basic instructions. Even if i try my every best and focus it just becomes a giant mess, where as the people around me take to things so easily. Excuses, tired, hung over.........even stoned! lol. I hate being this stupid, and have recently slipped into a depressed state, im just watching my life slide out of view.

right now i;m looking at this screen i am completely lost. i don't know which way is the last posting or anything like that. so i just give up or i try to find my way thru it and before i know i'm in a completely diferent subject... ahhhh<br />
what about trying to remember all those passwords, username it's just too much.<br />
<br />
if you mention to someone that you have dyslexia they think it's just changing numbers. <br />
<br />
i love it when i write an email and then i see that the word that i thought i was going to write it's not there. (i'm being sarcastic) i'm so sick of this crap!<br />
if i go to an airport i have to watch the clock non stop one time i almost lost a flight because i thought i had enogh time to make it to the gate i get there and i'm looking around i see a few people wondering around, So i said okay let me get something to drink. Somehow something went off in my brain and told me go up to the lady and ask her. Guest what? everybody was in the plane! <br />
i think mmmm,, i"m pretty sure i have add.<br />
isn't that special on top of the dyslexia .<br />
I'm not even going to go back and read this whole thing if i do will delete it.

*LOL* I laugh aboout my typos to.........and I can sewear I typed it. I sen it in my minds eye....but it comes out jumble. I do the clock this as I do not mind as much anymore.since finding this site by pure accident and than trying at least once every time to get the pass word uot right...jsut to get in.I can only laugh about it. I do however; at moments get very frusterated and I than will close my eyes and try to see it in my minds eye. I feel like a trapped bok sometimes. I tell everyone up front when I first meet them, that please know I am dyslexic......they soon learn it is more than numbers.....dyslexia is not being stupd. I heard Albert Einstein had it. I am n Albert Einstein, but darn there is more to me than meets the I bet you are the same. TY for sharing.

wow, I read what I wrote.......nuts.....I look it over and over to proof it.but still find that I loose it.

For me it is instructions, trying to translate into a calender times and dates for appointments from th a biggie for me. Math seems not to be a magor problem for me. I do tend to switch lower cases.q,b,d p and taking (th) and swithcing them to (ht) or to(too).I even sometimes swithc words around ..such as the cat(to)cat the..for example. However; I seem to see things as a picture as a whole. I hope on to this info. fairly well. If I need to remember pas words. a biggie for me..I ry and make a song out of it.

what is the most difficult thing for you to do? for exmaple for me it's being able to read instructions specially if i'm under pressure. Directions even sometimes with the gps i get lost. Math i'm not even gpong to go there.<br />
One thing that bothers me a lot , when people say oh i'm dyslexic , they don't even know the half of it. Peple who are not dyslexic think that it's just changing the orders of numbers , they are so stupid. i just want to say oh really ? sit down because this is going to take a while . <br />
has anybody seen Journey into dyslexia? i'm trying to buy that movie so i can watch , since i don't have hbo.

I moved to another town i would get lost ridding the busess and it was hard for me <br />
i started carring around a tablet and i would write down things that would help me learn where i was things like stores that were on the route i was going , i got on the wrong bus lots of times and the bus drivers helped me , i would write down alot of things to help give me pictures of where i was it was like when i was a child and the teacher had flash cards of words and the ob<x>jects , i would teach myself . i had panic tacks getting lost it was like me being in a diffrent country that i couldnt read the sygns . it took me time but i learned how to ride a city bus , i dont drive and iam 46 years old .you see i learn by visual cues and this helps me out when i get lost and i use visual pictures to help myself. wow to know another laundage wow thats great . i used to feel the same way about my learning problems that it ruined my life but nwo ive learned so much about myself and how i learn i try helping others . dyxlica is something you will have to learn to be its friend it will be with you all your life , i didnt learn till i was 37 i had dyxlica i knew there was something diffrent about me and now that i understnad my brain a little more i go at my own pace of learning and teaching myself , i have to try so much harder in life just to be almost normal . i try to hide my dyicxica from others but i feel sometimes they think i am slow but iam not . i hope this will help you out if you have any questions just email me on here . i dont know everything but maybe i can help you deal with it . its not easy but it can be done dont give on your self !