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I Wish I Had Known

Im just 18 a month ago and i just realized that im dyslexic. i never knew!! i wish someone had told me, its sad actually i'v went my whole life thinking i was stupid.
id mix up obvious things, i still have trouble with left and right, i cant spell and when i misspelled things it would be because id put in random letters from the next word i was gonna write and i sucked at multiple choice tests, like if the answer was B)3 i put down C on the bubble sheet. math was a whole other story.
all through middle school i failed math cuz of dyslexia. in high school i learned around it. i took the longest time taking tests since i missed or confused obvious things i had to go back and double and triple check every thing even on multiple choice. i was the last kid in my school to finish almost all of the regents es iv taken. but since i realized i needed to do this, well i had a 100 average in algebra 2/trig last quarter and a 99 the 1st quarter. i did not know i was good at math.
i went my whole entire childhood thinking i was retarded when i was dyslexic. i figured it out a couple weeks ago and now it all makes sense why i had to work so hard and carefully to get good grades others got without trying and why i cant read out loud without skipping words then putting them somewhere else. people say dyslexics LALK TIKE this like its a joke but iv actually done that a lot especially when talking fast and its embarrassing.
knowing helps but the damage is done and its not going away so i have to spend extra time on everything but im glad i found out and am not alone. idk having a real legit reason for doing it not just being stupid makes me feel a little bit better.
SessyKinz SessyKinz 18-21, F 6 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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I'm in the same boat i went through all of my schooling wondering why i was there as i couldn't understand anything, or i would after we were on a different subject, i got tested 2 weeks after my 19th birthday, my doctor said i could be dyslexic when i was in year 9 but then said there wasn't any testing for it, i don't like that doctor much >.>,its great to know its not my fault and i learn different to others, just being able to put a name to it is amazing. :)

Always helps to know. People say they're afraid of labels. Well stupid is a label. And it's one that dyslexics give themselves... And hold on to it all their lives.<br />
<br />
Get him assessed and free him from that. Also have him learn more about his strengths so he can nurture them and that will help his sense of self. <br />

Thanks SessyKinz, I think I am just going to sit down and have a chat with him when I think the timing is right and tell him of my fears. I just love him so much and he's such a great kid and as a Mum I worry so much. I worry that he has had to work harder because I have not said anything for fear of it hurting him. I'll just remind him that I am dyslexic and if ever he finds himself struggling like I have that there is help out there for him. I feel much better just being able to share my concerns. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Have a great life. It's so exciting being 18 - don't forget to enjoy it:)

Hi Guys, this is just what I was looking for. I need some young people to give me thier opinion. I'm dyslexic. I'm 52 but I am writing about my son. I have always worried that he would be like me because I had such a hard time at school. Well no matter how much I deny it, my son is a little dyslexic. His writing is almost impossible to read, he leaves words out (not too badly) and he has trouble with organisation and sequence and a few other things. Like me he is smart in other ways and he has done OK at school (computer has helped alot) and because I sort of knew how to help him. He is now at University. I have never told anyone that he is dyslexic. I have not discussed it with him either. The reason is that I did not anyone to put a label on him and I thought that maybe as long as he does OK that it would be better not say anything. Now I am worried that I have not done the wrong thing. What do you guys think???

depends how he feels about it. it was kinda a relief to know theres a reason i make the same kindergarten mistakes again and again and im not stupid. but if he doesnt struggle to bad it probably hasnt hurt him not to know. iv never been labeled because of it if thats the fear. i just dont tell people who dont need to know, not all my teachers know and it doesnt offend me when people make dyslexic jokes so long as they are not directed at me. any ways you cant change the past. id say tell him but its your call

I have same problem as u im from England and went through all school struggling in everything but maths my maths was amazing i got As/Bs in my exams without revising but in Enlgish i strugled to get Ds. although i was good at maths as soon as i was given a math problem with words in it i just couldnt do it i didnt have a clue what it was asking me, if sum1 took the words out of the same problem and gav eme it as an equation or sum i could do it. I stayed at school til i was 18 and have been at college since sept im now 19 recently got diagnosed as dyselxic and am now getting Bs/As written asignments becasue i get suport, my tuto will sit mith me and reword everything so it makes sense. Good luck with ur fututre dont feel thick it not ur fault and remeber even with dyslexia u can do whatever u want to there should be suport to help u :)

thank you for your response! i know what its like and i have the same problems with written math questions and i suck at english too. i wish i had someone to help me overcome it. you are lucky. i tried to tell my mom im dyslexic and she wont believe me so i cant get extra help in school.

You need to get an assesmetn for it and a diangosis i never got any help until i got them and i left school with hardly any grades however dont worry even though i had barly any grades when i left school i got into college and now get help in college so my grades has improved loads. SPeak to your sepcial needs teacher/TA/co-ordinator i duno what u call them in america but there be some1 in ur school there to help speicla needs people speak to him/her about ur problems they will advise u what to do next :)

Well now you know! There is a lot about it generally not known. Good luck