Being Dyslexic

i am i got diagnoised when i was 15years old and i was angry at the world because i did want to be and when i was in primary school my teachers never gave a **** got told when i went to i high school i would get help but didnt and iv never spoke to peeps with dyslexic this the frist time anyway i recestly addmited to myself that i am dyslexic and it upset me and it would help to speak to peeps like me cos dont have peeps who under stand what its like
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Your teachers never gave a **? Imagine when your parents don't give a ** and your siblings call you a retard. That is my story. My siblings (5)are all smart but not me. I had to struggle with this problem by myself until the day i met my husband and he told me how smart I am. I had the worst case of dyslexia a child can ever have and my parents refuse to believe it or they didn't care. I struggle to past my classes with a 70 and I was always reminded of how stupid or retard I was. BUT every story must have a good ending.......and to this day, at of all the siblings I have the better life.....god does things for a reason. I don't wish my siblings and parents bad life for what they did to me, I love them even if they do not. I have to thanks my husband for making me look at life in a positive way.....