Do I Have Dyslexia?

Hi my name is Josh
I been trying to get my GED.
However I have came across some problems
I can learn math like Algebra, and such the problem is if I take a break say maybe 1 or 2 days from it. I notice, I forget, and I can't get my GED done like this.

So I used to be ADD. I was on Ritalin for 15 years.
I think I got Dyslexia, because I always had trouble with my writing, and still do. I have problems remembering what I read too. Now Its math I can learn what I need, but the problem is I can't seem to hold on to what I learnt. Which makes me mad. So i'm trying to figure out if the doctors diagnosed me wrong long time ago. Taking Ritalin has made it worse or something since i took it for 15 years.
Example I'm like always quiet, and don't speak much. I'm not that active, and I don't get out that much. I can tell i'm not the same since I been on Ritalin. Anyways how would I go to or buy a program to see why i'm having problems remembring if I think I got Dyslexia?



Redhat Redhat
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

hey <br />
if you type in dyslexic test into google you can do one online , if from that you get that you prons are dyslexic them, your doctor can send you to se a pyscatrist and she will do an assment to see if you are . <br />
also so random information for you almost half the people said to have ADHD are actual dyslexic but dont know and switch off in class etc get distracted easy etc <br />
<br />
hope this help <br />