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Looking back, it's hard to believe that I am a published writer.  I couldn't read very well... beyond just reading words, until I was nineteen.  Then one day I picked up a book and I could see the story witten there between those pages.  I couldn't get enough... I read and read, but then soon the compulsion to write became overwhelming.  I couldn't type, and when I wrote by hand, my spelling was bad and my handwriting even worse... still to this day my spelling is horrible and my handwriting changes daily.  I didn't know I was dyslexic... I was told I had motor visual---aka---dyslexia!  I actually found out I was dyslexic when I had my son tested.  I have adapted to my condition.  I write in word or use a spellcheck pop-up note on my computer to check my spelling when I write on one of the social sites, still though, I mess up now and then, but that's life.  My book The Veil by Stacy Dee came out last month through a small epublisher who prints books on demand.  I am so proud of that book... and the fact that the main character is dealing with dyslexia in high school.  Emily doesn't let the fact that she is severly dyslexic stop her from being a normal kid.  Because lets face it we are normal... we just have a glitch, like Stitch! 
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5 Responses Aug 17, 2010

So glad that you had a happy ending!

my mother beat me for not writting the way she thought i should . my mother didnt have any pashents for me she belived i was slow i wasnt just dyxlica .

great for you and best of luck. Do your best andkeep on going. You can do it and try yoiur best, give your children extra love andcare. My parent never did and have suffered all my life.

thank you for sharring that i am too a auther and i have dyxlic also . <br />
i look forward to reading your books . i just published my book the shades of grace <br />
hope you will check mine out on xlibrais

Congradulations for over coming your glitch , I hoipe the book is well received ......