Not Slow On Purpose. :)

I got diagnosised with dyslexia today. I've always had extra time in exams because I just can't think fast enough, they call it a low processing speed but the exam boards are really cracking down on people who get extra time so I had to go through a proper assessment which was only meant to take 4 hours but I took 6! I randomly forget words when I'm speaking like all the time so I have to try and rearrange what I'm trying to say. I have a picture memory and I'm really bright but I can't sound out words and I'm terrible with verbal instructions unless you wanna sit and repeat them a few hundred times. I just mess up sounds alll the time and mispronounce words a lot.
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2011

Don't give up . There are things they can do to help you that were not available when I was growing up . Good Luck !!! Lonely Soul Joie Bee

This is me EXACTLY! I think I'm pretty smart but I'm sooo slow at reading and it fustrates me and this is why I don't read anymore haha :)

I know where U R coming from .