well ive just been tested for it in college cause all the school say i was just being lazy i find it hard to read and spell words. when i try and read all the words started to move around. my spelling is like a child speeling always asking how to spell a word.
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Well you typed this much better than some on here. I am not dyslexic but I do find spelling hard but find the more I use words the better I get. Just an idea but in some newspapers and magazines they have word puzzles you could try easy ones to start with and see if that helps you. I dont know if it will but may be worth a go.

Our brains work faster than others & this is Y we have 2 try & slow things down . We R really smarter than others . I finished school in 1965 . They did not know about it . I went 2 reading school with no luck . All my teachers know I was very intelligent but did not understand Y I had a hard time with reading assignments . B glad U found out & never B ashamed about it . Thank GOD 4 Spell Correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, lots of people are dyslexic, I am for one, but I think mildly. I hope you can work through it. Our brains are just wired a bit different and we just need to learn and do thing a little different. Good luck to you and don't let it get you down. I have heard that Albert Einstein was.