Only At School Do I Realise This However

Dyslexica changes nothing in my life..not for me personally anyway, i may not spell that well, and my maths? heh, my maths is so bad, its i am the worst person at maths ever lol. what i noticed though is that, for whatever reason, i dont know if it has links ot my Dyslexica, but i have talents in other areas..i may not be able to spell very well,  but i write stories, poems, i am highly creative, its not arrogant i dont think, to say that at my current age, i am a pretty good writer. i've proved it countless times already.

i dont want to ramble on however..when i am at school, i find that i am slow to understand certain things, yet quicker on others, i often need things explained to me in ways that most teachers dont know how to do, thus many of them have looked down upon me.sometimes when answering questions on a sheet, the way in white i write, only i can understand it properly, and no one else can. at least, this is how it seems to be, with some teachers lol.

i know that alot of the time, my teachers feel frustraded by me, they dont understand me, and they dont want to put the time and effort in helping out the Dyslexic guy, just because i work differently than others. i resent alot of my teachers and my school, and sometimes, i allow them to make me feel like i am feels like, even my parents sometimes think i am dumb, as my mother blames alot of my mistakes on my Dyslexica..

it makes me feel more stressed out than i should, all of this, because i realise, that at the level in which i am at now, i am on my own, to study, and pass my exams, the only good teacher i had who understood me is gone. and now i have to do things on my own, with teachers who are crap at explaining things to me and in giving me the proper information..i feel like i am part of some educational underclass, placed at the bottom based on false assumptions..i admit, maybe i dont really do favours for myself,i am often quiet in class disucssions, and i do tend to not do so well on some of my essays it seems lol. as well as this, my orgainsitional skills are bad. however. i've proven time and time again

that i am not a retard..yeah, my primary school, once tried to put me down as retarded, luckilly my mother stopped that..i am in no way a retard, and i am not dumb. i am better than most, i have proven myself time and time again, in my own personal thoughts when writing my own interpretations, to when i actually do the results speak for  themselves. yet people remain blind, well let them stay blind. i know in my heart, that i am great, and i wont let them steal the passion and fire that burns inside of me. i will out run them all, and who knows, maybe, if i actually become a sucessful writer, maybe those people, those teachers who resented me and doubted me, will be teaching MY novels..
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