The Thing I Cant Control

my teachers told me i was slow, not trying hard enough i got so pressured that it resulted in anger and it was hard to control . sometimes it BURSTS out of me and i cant stop it! When i tryed to discribe it to someone like a parent or a friend i would see their eyes mist over , i knew they were thinking ' attention seeking/ making it all up'
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I don't know if I'm dyslexic, but I have a habit of reading a book as one full line over two pages, kind of like my left eye reads the third line of page two, and my right eye reads the third line of page three. I was bullied by kids and ignored by teachers because of it in primary school even though I was top of the class in maths and spelling. I guess memory wise I'm at the point when I realise those hard times actually make my happy times even happier kind of like the negative memories help positive ones shine even brighter, and I think eventually these hard times will do the same for you.

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I was born in 1947 . Back then no 1 know any thing about DYSLEXIC'S . The whole time I was in school my teachers did not know Y I was intelligent , yet I got poor grades . I always had a hard time reading . My parents took me 2 several places 2 find out Y I had difficulty reading . At this time they didn't know about DYSLEXIC problems . It was not until I started 2 hear about it that I finily have the answer . I only wish I had found out B 4 now . I am truly sorry I can't go back and redo every thing , I also wish I could tell my teachers , WHY I APPEARED SO STUPID IN SCHOOL AND Y I WAS ALWAYS IN THE LOWEST LEARNING GROUP !!! I am happy 4 all of U who found out in time 2 do something about it XOXOXO!!!

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If U would like read my story : My Sad Story !!! It's in the I AM DYSLEXIC STORIES !!! Joie Bee I know how U feel .

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