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they told me after my evaluation that i am dyslexic and that is why i read so slow and why im failing math and english lit. I dont know why it took this long for them to figure it out. guess it because i have all A's in my other classes. im scared of being separated from everyone else to go to "special" classes for math, reading n english. i can read just fine it just takes me for ever to read stuff and ppl in my class can read big thick books in a month whileim still on the first chapter or two, plus it puts me to sleep n gives me headaches. they said it affects my ability to do math the most i was like um duh yeah really? wow. math used to be kinda easy i thought,but i never made real good grades in it. but now algebra is kicking my ***. i failed alg 1 last yr but thought it was b/c i was moving from foster to my new family n the whole thing was stress me out a lot n i had to take summer class plus tutor class too. now im trying to just pass alg2 n the tutor class again too they like ''you should remember this from your summer classes'' with mean faces looking at me...ugh. im just scared they wont be able to help me...my ipad has spell checker that fixes words and sentences for me but i don't have that for math class...which scares me *__*
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Calculation checker, now that's a program I would buy. What a great idea. I have discalcula so I know exactly what you're talking about.

I used to read very slowly & was in a 'special class', it wasn't so bad, I got the extra attention I really needed. Don't let your peers make you feel bad because you need extra help. Its them that feel insecure because you aren't the same as them, don't let that bother you. The best solution for those of us who comprehend the subject matter really slowly, yep you guessed it, read MORE. The more comfortable you become reading and the less you concentrate on how quickly you're doing it, the more you'll enjoy it & the better you'll become @ it.

I'm dyslexic and still going through it. I also have a really hard time with math! Just keep working :) it gets better. For math what I do is I copy a problem then I write in words how to do each problem with little arrows so I understand :P odd huh? A dyslexic writing out a manuel for my own brain :)

haha you gotta do what works! thx!

I wish they would have put me in separate classes. I was the only dyslexic person in most of my schools (I transferred a few times when I got too embarrassed) so the teachers didn't know really how to "handle" me. They would always make me do things that I was unable to do. I didn't start my "correction" until I was much older. Reading out loud was dreadful for me and the other students are so cruel. They always look for ways to pick on or hurt others. Bullying happens either way. But it would have been nice for me to have the separate class where I knew I was safe.

its good an bad too cause i get separated from ppl im used to be around. plus it kinda awkward explain to people why im not in they class anymore haha but u right bullying happens everywhere even in the special separate classes :/ I wish they would have tested me alot earlier too. OMG you are right about reading out loud, i have to do that crap still for some classes n it embarrsing so bad i get anxiety real bad n im shaking n nervous when its my turn and sometimes it makes me sick i get so nervous lol its stupid. but at least that way i can eat tons more food :)

Yeah. I gained a lot of weight when I went though it. If you ever need to talk, you can just message me. It gets easier, I promise. I still can't read out loud, but I do memorize it before hand just in case. I can understand at a level that many college graduates can not. Who knows, now you might find out that you are a dyslexic genius like so many before you. There is nothing wrong with being dyslexic as you know. And always know that you are special and that other students will probably just not understand it.

Wow thx! all my teachers say im soo intelligent n stuff like that but everyone else say i act like a 12 yr old :) idk i go have skillz everyone else dont so hopefully i will be really good at something...like my art or may be cooking!! (i want to be a chef).

If you want to be a chef then go for it! I am a mathematics major right now haha. I am top in my classes again. And that is just someone that they called stupid her whole life. So just prove them wrong. And there is nothing wrong with being youthful. I play video games and play around with friends all the time. People think I'm like 14-17 so yea(I'm 20). You are unique and you have things that you are good at and things you are passionate with. I hope you get your dream and become a chef. I would go to your restaurant (:

awesome thx! and I would reserve the best table for you too! :)

Sounds like a plan (:

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