I Feel Like Dyslexia Disables Me On Ep.

Whoever came up with the word dyslexia for the condition must have been a real joker.  Do you know how hard it is for us to get its spelling correct?!!!

I've been thinking a bit about how EP is great for some disabilities -it really puts them on par with everyone else who is part of EP.  This mode of communication must be a God send to so many with disabilities! I, on the otherhand, I find it quite the opposite.  As everything on EP needs to be written/typed, Dyslexia often makes me sound so stupid.  For me, dyslexia effects my ability to spell and accurately transfering the conversation in my head, word for word into a written form.  Without proof reading everything 3-4 times I end up submitting comments/stories that have whole words missing and words substituted, capital letters in inappropriate places.  And thank God you don't have to hear me reading out loud - that is even worse!  I've often submitted something without thoroughly editing it, re-read it, and then thought "oh my god!  You sound like you a drunk idiot!" And then had to re-write or edit my submission".  All this slows me down.

Many of you will be wondering why I bother being on EP at all. But you know as well as I do, there is nothing that could even come close to being a good substitute for EP in the 'real ' world.

Just for the record I was only diagnosed with dyslexia last year.  School and Uni have been a bit hellish for me, and I often wondered what was wrong with me.  


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i have dyslecxiz to

:) I'll watch your back if you watch mine (in passing that is).

Oh yeah - I mispell simple words that I KNOW HOW TO SPELL all the time. Had to look up 'interpretation' not five minutes ago... <br />
<br />
It's a real problem when trying to read fast - I either absorb None of it or interpret a completely different meaning because one word looked like another word which completely changes the meaning... <br />
<br />
It makes me feel stupid when people point out my errors, but I'd rather hear it from my friends (preferably in private message) so I can make the needed corrections. Lord knows I don't want it out there forever misspelled.<br />
<br />
It's hard to describe isn't it? Glad to know someone else understands.

Wow, you have it too DB?! I would have never have guessed. Honest?<br />
Roj occasionally edits for me (in passing) - he is such a perfectionist I think it drives him more crazy than me :)

Yeah - someone else who get's it ( or has it as the case may be). <br />
<br />
You describe it perfectly!~<br />
<br />
I too feel like an idiot and spend half my time in dictionary.com trying to get it right the first time, It's kind of like playing a slot machine; most of the time I get "NO DICTIONARY RESULTS FOUND FOR >> insert simple words here

Thanks Dubar. I'm improving all the time :)

you do very very well

Yes, I've heard that too. Dyslexic people have a different way of learning. The key to success is to find their own learning style. I generally think in pictures, abstract words and concepts are different for me to grasp. <br />
<br />
Am I allowed to ask what your first language is?