I Think My Son Is Dyslexic...please Help

In fact, I have been saying that my son is dyslexic since he was four.  But everyone told me that I was worrying too much and he would "grow out of it".  Well the kid is now nine and is still struggling to read at a first grade level.  He jumps all over the page - he cant seem to track the words on the page.  He gets to frustrated it brings him to tears. 

I have spent over a $1,000 taking him to psychologists and psychiatrists trying to find out what the problem is.  Part of the problem is he has a high IQ so it skews the standard tests.  The test results dumbfounded the psychologist so he tried to say that my son is ADHD.  My son has never gotten into trouble at school.  He behavior is excellent.  He is cooperative, patient, kind, and loving.  He is NOT ADHD.  He can pay attention to anything BUT reading.

When I took him to the psychiatrist, he agreed that my son did not have ADHD but could not definitively confirm my suspicion of dyslexia.  Although he did say that my instincts were probably correct.  (It runs in my family.) 

Some basic background. 

  • He didnt talk until he was three.  Nothing - not even mama until after his third birthday.  Then he spoke in full sentences.  He just woke up one morning and started talking.
  • He has always struggled with letters. 
  • He didn't master his letters until first grade. 
  • He didn't master letter sounds until second grade. 
  • He is in the third grade now. 
  • He has always done exceptionally well in math until now.  Now he is reversing and confusing his numbers.  The only difference is last year they only worked with addition and subtraction to 99 at the highest.  Now he is working in the hundred, thousands and he cant keep track of which number goes where.  Its really odd to watch him do his math.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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we dyxlica's are very smart people we just learn so diffrenly . as you may have guessed iam 46 and i have dyxlica iam not using spell check to show how i type . you maybe have to play a game with him on how he learns iam speaking of how i learn there are over 200 words that we dyxlica's cant unerstand such as the word but,it ,the so, in, when you say those words to me i get no mental picture in my brain what it means , i see words and pictures and it = words and meanings. maybe your son learns like that too . some things i cant master like driving a car i get confused easly and i get lost , i number one cant pass the test . have you ever watched the movie called rain man? i think dyxlica's are like the movie i have to teach my slef over and over to learn something , like when i was trying to lern how to ride the ciry bus i had to write things down over and over to learn what bus to tke to get where i was going and i did get lost many times but i kepted trying and afer a year i got it down but it was slow. dont give up it may take him time to learn some things but dyxlica's can be tought . some are worse off then others . me i am bad in some erras on learning , i still cant tell time or count money . but iam not going to give up . iam writting a book on how i see things as a dyxlica person .

Thanks, sleepless. I love the thought of my son being the next Einstein. (beaming with pride) He is very intelligent.

Good luck with your request for testing...please let me know how it all goes.

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TC - Tony doesn't write his letters backwards; just his numbers. However, the kid can't track when he reads. He jumps all over the page. He tries to read from right to left instead of left to right. He's every where. He is always losing his place. He has to constantly reread things and he still can't remember what he read. Its so frustrating for him.

sample request letter for testing/services:<br />
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Thank you so much!

Hi. If you express your concern to your child's school, they are required by federal law to test him for any and all disabilities. Put your concern and request in writing to start the process. Let me know if I can help ( I am VERY familiar with the Special Education/IEP process!! )