Thank God I’m Dyslexic.


I was always the dumb kid at primary school, ridiculed (yes I had to cheek the spelling on this one) by the teachers and students alike, and made to sit in the back of the class at my own special desk. (The only thing missing was the dunce cap)

As you would expect, I came to believe I was an idiot, worthless and I wouldn’t amount to anything.   In high school the story was pretty much the same; except I had built up walls to protect me I became tough nothing and no one would hurt me.

The same old story I rebelled got in to drugs crime, you know the story most of my teen years where spent in juvenile institutions, pissed of stoned of my head, ended up in prison at 18. (Never do that again)

Finley diagnosed with Dyslexia at 21 spent most of my 20’s wondering aimlessly through life my 30’s I spent in depression (still dealing with that one)

Despite all this ****, I always new I had a brain and that I was meant to do something with my life, to cut a long story short, I’m now 40 and I’ve realised a life long dream of going to University, it’s still early days and sure it’s not easy, but I’m doing it.  And more to the point I enjoy it.

Every day is different from the rest, I still get depressed I still fight the fillings of worthlessness, and hopelessness, but I am getting there (slowly) for me it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey.

And I’m not dead yet, stay turned.  Through out history and even today there are many famous people with Dyslexia I’m not going to name them all you can Google them for yourself, but I will mention one....

Albert Einstein, yes most probably the greatest mind of the past 20th century was Dyslexic. Need I say more. 

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Thank you for sharing this !! I am very dyslexic myself