Some Times I Hate Having Dylicxica

I have a learnin disablity its called dylicixica

iam not using spell check this is how i really spell . this effects me in every way of my life

reading i have proablems reading writitng . so many judge me becalse when i email

i dont use spell check . iam who iam i am true to my self i eccetp myself and all my falts

this causes me problems i have to be careful with taking meds ,

i have to get my doctor to show me how many pills to take becalse when i read the dirrections

i get the dose wrong . i have problems writting checks becalse of the numbers and desmales.

i had problems in school with reading , writting math and other subjects. i have a way to teach myself

all people that suffrer from dylicixica thier learning problems are diffrent. if you want to read up om this

lunnas lunnas
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3 Responses Apr 18, 2010

thanks winter ,<br />
i feel the same way spell check doesnt spell what i am trying to spell and its not always right<br />
spell check gets it wrong big time with me and sometimes its funny what it thinks i am spelling <br />
but i do my best to spell words right my daughter helps me out thats the way i learn to spell . my daughter's my spell check .

i do nto think that her worting loks serve .I do not think most peole even know what we have to go though eever day just to be understood in a world that is really not of our making -<br />
<br />
yes I did not use spell check and this still took awhile ot write --spell check dosnt really understand me

well ive tryd spel check with me some times it works and some times it doesnt becalse i spell <br />
words like it sounds and its a problem for me but i do try very hard . but i try to learn daly on my disablity i do alot of memroising of thngs i learn diffrently i am a visal learner. in some things on my disablity i have done well in learning like on spelling new words i do my best to learn to spell new words every day . but with being published author my publishing co had a time with me and my maniusc<x>ripted becalse of my spelling and with my book manuscriped i did use spell check ,some of my words were do baldy mispelled it couldnt help , spell check was comming up with the wrong words for my book . but its a daly learning experince and tryel and error . but i wont ever give up. in my passed i have turterd children with learning problems only to discovered that they had dyxlica , i didnt dicnose them with the learnng disablity but i spoke to the parents to take them to get tested and i was right see dyxica effects the child or adults Auditory Processing Disorder<br />
<br />
Auditory processing for me is diffrent with dyxlica becalse some things like if a boss was telling me how they wanted something done they would have to tell me 4 or 5 times then they would accuse me well your just not paying attion and that wasnt even the case. but with me dyxlica effects me in lot of ways in my dayly life i still have problems reading but iam working that evey day .thanks for your coment

I actually can spell words well, that is as long as I am spelling them verbally. When I am writing, as long as I don't get bogged down in a word, I can spell it. If I get it wrong, I can't fix it. You are right, spell checker does not work. I use a google search. Their intelligent search feature figures out what word I mean and inserts it into my search, with correct spelling. Now, I just copy the word from google and put it in my message. This is incredibly time consuming, but my writing does not have misspellings that I can't correct by myself. For me, that makes it worth the time spent.