When I Was Young I Was Treated

When I was younger I was treated like i was retarted . I was put in classess with children

that were retarted I knew i was diffrent . i noticed there was somthing wrong with me or something i didnt understand

becalse i couldnt read like the other children . as time wehn on other things were happneing like in math

i couldnt do some math problems i had so much problems with math i couldnt read up to my standards with my class

but to talk to me you would know i wasnt stupid its a problem i dont know if i can ever jump this

hurtal this effects my every day life . i have to mimarise things . to tell you how i see and think this is how it is

my brain is a big chalk boad and when i read somethings or when iam given dirrections its like my chalk board

has no picture on it or words my brains not proessing whats going on , it doesnt mean iam stupid far from it i just learn diffrenly

and i have to have over and over again to really learn things i have problems with like if someone reads something to me

i learn faster than if i have to read what ever it is . its a pain to have a learning disablity plus when i was younger

my attion span was short . so if you have a chld about 7 or 8 having problems with reading and letters

they may have dylicixica get them checked . i also found out i suffrer from adhd . lord i hate it but ive
over come some of my reading problems ive just published my first book
the shades of grace , karla reeves

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