Getting My Master's Degree

I recently made the crazy decision to continue my education and get my MHA (master's degree in health care administration).  I think it was a pretty good choice.  Classes kind of difficult, but overall they're going well.  I have made a few new acquaintances and so far everything is going smoothly.  :)

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I feel so glad for the two of you. It is now a year and a half since you posted the story/comment, and I hope things have gone well for you. <br />
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Just curious, what is your bachelor's in?

My bachelor's is in Business Administration with a minor in Medical Humanities.

Good for you. There is no feeling like the knowledge that you are bettering yourself. There are only so many paths to reach the road you eventually want to take. It seems that you are on the right track. I am also going for my masters right now. Good luck and keep up the good work!