Heart Attack And The Blow Job

A shrewd and calculating gent one day, decided to
exploit the inexperience of a young nurse.

He went to his local A&E department at the local hospital,
walked in, saw two young trainee nurses and waited for
the appropriate moment, stood up, grasped his chest
and collapsed to the floor feigning a heart attack.

Panic ensued and with no Doctors around, the young nurses
quickly acted, putting him on a trolley bed and rushed him
into a cubicle.

With only two nurse at hand, one said to other,
"go get the Doctor ASAP".

Left on her own, the man continued, I`m, dying save me save me.
The nurse replied I am new here this is my first day on the job what should I do?

Don`t worry he said just give me CPR and aspirate me before I pass out.

Ohh said the Nurse what do I do?

All you need do is press your hands gently on my stomach whilst
aspirating my penis. You must do this as quickly as possible,
my life depends upon it.

The young nurse being so inexperienced quickly obliged and
continue as best she could for several minutes.

The second nurse came running in with the Doctor in hand.

WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON HERE!!! ? Bellowed the Doctor.

The young nurse cried `I am trying save this man`s life with CPR`.

NO NO NO NO !!! This is completely wrong girl
............................... GET OUT OF THE WAY.

The Doctor called to the other Nurse `Quickly defibrillator 600 joules please`

Before the man on the trolley could say a word the Doctor slammed the electric
pads onto his crotch.

It is interesting to note ... no one has seen this man since.

{Even Doctors can be inexperienced :D )
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P.s. I was once inadvertently the recipient of a discharge from a defibrillator by someone misusing the device...he happened to be a Doctor.<br />
Luckily for me, the Joules were set at a very low amount.

He probably vaporized in the midst of the maelstrom...some people are so darn lucky!!!