I Need a More Refined Sense of Humor.

I am often a serious person, but I am a giggler. I will giggle anytime, any where, and it drives me - and everyone else - crazy.

I must be the only one I know who will be holding back tears of mirth over something funny that happened a month ago that I just remembered...usually happens in a public place, too. Rather embarrassing.

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3 Responses Apr 3, 2007

it doesn't change, lessen or get any better in any way as you grow older. Trust me on that :)

The worst giggles always happened when me or my brother were getting in trouble for something. We`d look at each other and start giggling, which would always **** our mother off more, which would always make us laugh more. Sucks to get in worse trouble when you can`t stop laughing...

haha, same here :P Could be a bit embarrassing as it looks weird when trying to hold back laughter... lol :P