In And Out Of Friendship

I friend of mine who suffers from extreme agoraphobia ... you know, terror of open spaces and going out and all, phoned me saying how really depressed he was and could I come and visit.

I agreed and went round to his house. I also had the firm intention of sorting this issue out with him once and for all.

So got to his house, I sat down with him and for a good 20 minutes ranting and raving at him:

"GET a GRIP man", "DON`T be a *****", "GET off your ARSE and DEAL with it"

As said said this went on for quite some time, until my friend looked in the eye and said:

"Your right man, I can do this ... I can really do this"

He then got up looked at the open front door, smiled at me and said here I go.

At that point, I gave him the thumbs as he ran out the door slamming it behind him,

Its about 5 seconds after, that the screaming started. My friend burst back in through the door white as a sheet and said;

"Whats Wrong?"

I replied .... "You absolute bastard ... YOU KNOW ... I am terrified of enclosed spaces"

{Has taken the Hypocritical Oath}

EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
46-50, M
Apr 29, 2012