Just the other day I was sitting at the table and I was hitting a taco bell cup that had maybe an inch of soda left and as I tapped it it would move forward and with the weight of the soda moving inside of the cup it would move forward just a little after I have already moved my hand away. It was hilarious. I literally sat there for a half an hour entertaining myself as I waited for the casserole that I had just put into the oven. It was so funny, my friends were looking at me all funny like because I just thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Its great knowing that it takes very little for me to be amused haha
LosingIt LosingIt
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1 Response Apr 10, 2007

That's fantastic!! How can your friends not be fascinated by that? A WALKING CUP. Is that not the best thing that Taco Bell have ever invented? (I'm asking because I've never eated at Taco Bell :P)