Rock Throwing and Car Honking.

being a broke college students, my friends and i would do anything to pass to the time in a cheap, fun way. more specifically, we make up drinking games that require nothing to be purchased so that we can spend the maximum amount of money on booze.

one of our favorite pass times is to go tubbing down the local river, since it is FREE. this usually entails buying as much cheap beer as we can afford, so by the end, we'd have little to no money left. at the end of the float, there is this island, where we play this game that's like horse shoes, only you play with 2 tubes (which we already have) and rocks (that are littered all over the island). it's fun and free, a little dangerous, but totally worth it.

another free game we play is called "you honk, we drink". here, all you need is beer and a huge piece of something to write on (butcher paper, poster board, or ply wood). we use ply wood, since we already have piece that doubles as the beer pong table. on the ply wood we spray paint, "you honk, we drink" in HUGE letters, so that it could be seen from the street. long story, short: people drive by and honk, and we drink.

good, fun, free times.
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had some similar games years ago...usually ended up drunk or having sex, or both...