You Laugh Cos I'm Different, I Laugh Cos Yer All the Same!

There are some people who just laugh at everything because they are clueless.. Then there are others who laugh a lot because they are nervous kinds of people.  And then there are those of us who laugh cos, well, we're quite amused by life's EVERYTHING. 

I'm often called a smart butt for finding something humourous in many situations.  But why not?  Life's frailties are so many, and our minds and lives so complex... Surely someone has to get through it with a giggle.  Doesn't even the Bible say that laughter is like medicine??  Dunno of too many people that have died laughing.  And the amount of stories we hear.. Our mishaps make for the most amusing stories!

If I didn't find so many things amusing, I'd be falling asleep talking about boring and sad things.  It's great to have compassion, and be serious when it's necessary... But amusing things make my eyes sparkle mischievously!

Crank up the amusement factor!!

wavystarz wavystarz
31-35, F
Jul 15, 2007