Let It Snow

I don't particularly mind a little bit of snow, in fact I quite enjoy it just so long as it stays outside. Last year around this time though, it was snowing inside my house. That I have a problem with! I'm sure you must be thinking that I've lost it, and trust me that thought had crossed my mind. I live in an apartment attached to my parents house. Not only that, but this particular apartment is downstairs. So I'm not sure which would have been more concerning... The possibility that I was hallucinating, or the prospect of it actually snowing inside my house.

Well, it took a couple of hours, but the latter of the two was confirmed by a visit from the local plumber. He was called after I noticed the bathroom had grown some new water-filled appendages on the sides of the wall. While interesting to look at, I thought they may warrant a second opinion. You know... Someone who will look at them an extrapolate their cause, rather than endless hours of amusement. At any rate, he was able to fix this up for me. Sadly, I have yet to experience any other unusual forms of weather inside of the house since then. Though I have to admit that I appreciate the recent weather remaining happily outside.

HalBashes HalBashes
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

What are appendages?