Idiotic Know-it-alls...

I absolutely hate it when people act like they know everything yet don’t know what the heck they are talking about. I know I, myself, do not know everything, but at least I shut my mouth during a subject in which I know nothing of.
One example is of this girl at my school, let’s call her Shelby. But first a bit of a backstory: So I am a mega love of all kinds and every kind of tea. I love earl grey moonlight, pomegranate rooibos, chocolate chai, mint tea, and all kinds of others. Due to my addiction to tea, I have come to learn quite a bit about tea and some of it’s history and how it is made. For instance, I know the best temperature to brew each individual kind of tea based on how it’s made and what kind of flavor it has. I also know where each tea is made, what it means when a tea has a “dry finish”, what teas complements each other, the making of each tea, how long it takes to grow and prepare and package, etc. Now then this girl, Shelby, is one of those girls who is obsessed with anything related to Japan, mainly anime and manga. So the only kind of tea which she drinks is green tea, and by that I mean the crappy kind they sell in stores that are in those hideous bags in which the flavor is lost and hidden. Yet she still insists that she is as big a fan of tea, if not more, than I am. So when she told me this I began to question her on the different kinds. She couldn’t answer one of my questions which proved to me that she knew nothing of the subject of the art of tea…
Absolutely pissed me off, yet I held my tongue and simply ignored her.
Bottom line, I hate it when people act like they know everything yet makes a fool of themselves because they don’t.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I get what you mean. I have a friend who sometimes does that. My brother does that only to an extent but, my friend though? Ugh. I hate it when he does that...honestly! It drives me crazy!

She knows that the best tea is offered at cruise, which i am a frequent traveler.

Define, "best". How is green tea the best. And which kind, at that?