My Boyfriends Brother

I've been living with my boyfriend, his older brother and their mom for 3 years now. From the very beginning I was very attracted to my boyfriends brother to the point where i had "dreams" about him almost on a nightly basis. I told my boyfriend all about it because 1 I couldn't keep it to myself and 2 I wanted to be fully honest with my boyfriend.

As time went on I learned that if I didn't see the brother I didn't dream about him so I avoided him as much as possible, it wasn't very hard to do. To make a very long story short the brother tends to pick on me but not a lot and its not often. Its usually something that does push a button, like making fun of my dog or just being an *** in general. But then there are times, and this only happens when my boyfriend isn't around. He does and say stuff that is the total opposite. For example, the other day one of our kittens made its way down stairs. He brought it up stairs and made it a point that I knew he found him down stairs, he stared straight at me and said "I found this little guy down stairs" and then he did his best to put the kitten back with his mom and brothers, they slept on a cat tower and didn't all fit so he had to keep pushing his butt up so the kitten wouldn't fall. Anyway he then put the toilet seat down and said "I put the toilet seat down so they don't fall in the toilet, we dint want you to fall into the toilet now do we?".

Okay first off this is FAR from my boyfriend's brothers personality. Usually hes joking about cooking the kittens or flushing them down the toilet. So what I want to know is is he flirting with me or something? He is trying to show me that he isn't as bad as he makes himself seem? Or am I just seeing it as him flirting because that's what i want to see? I have wanted to talk to him about it but im afraid to because im afraid of what he might say to his mom or brother and I cant risk that.

(There are a few more examples that I can give if you want them)

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This happened about a year ago so things have changed, I moved out. Im still with him and love him to death. If anything his brother being a total tool has brought us even closer together.

how do you feelll about your bf?