Where Saying Something ??

Oh for the love of GAWD .. why do i get so distracted .. I feel my mind wandering..I try to stop it..i know its doing it..Focus, focus oh how in the world am i to have a deep and meaningful conversation when i have a wandering mind...arghhhh  Please repeat what you just said...sorry i missed that... am i saying yes when i should say no ?  Geepers it really sucks... Ive been doing it since primary school... its printed in my record book .. Quote " off with the fairies..... if maths and English where dolphin's & killer whales she would be a genius.... " end quote.... It dosnt happen all the time... but it does happen.... But i don't have bad thoughts..well sometimes..he he  But seriously I don't like it when it happens.  
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1 Response Apr 11, 2007

I think this is something we are ALL guilty of, to a degree. Especially when conversing with others. And yet it is prob. one of the biggest peeves we have when Someone else does it to us!! Thanks for the story! It's a subject we could ALL use a little more SELF-AWARENESS ! And... I'd fr<x>ame that quote that was written about you! lol. I see imagination and creativity, even if the author of that quote didn't mean it in that context!