Senario #1: I'm In a Sh...

Senario #1: I'm in a shopping store and I find the most stunning dress and I'm giddy and excited that i found it in just the right size. But wait! A fine looking man walks past me with a body that's just the right size. Screw the dress, he'd look better on me!!!! Then yeah I'm easily distracted.

Senario #2: I'm in a shopping mall with a friend and a good looking man walks by with a body just the right size. While I'm oogling my friend holds up a stunning dress and says " I't just the right size for you". I pay absolutely no attention to her because my eyes are glued to the mans butt and my thoughts are straying to the bedroom. Then no I'm not easily distracted.

Luci Luci
22-25, F
May 29, 2007