I Suppose It Was A Mistake For You To Get Me A Laptop For Christmas, Dad

I'm so easily distracted that it often frustrates me. A lot. It's ridiculous how often I allow the most important things to sit back while I surf the net for hours. It usually happens when I log on to the school website to check up on homework assignments my profs have put online. Then I open another tab to check Facebook. Another tab for grooveshark.com. I switch back to Facebook and reply to all the comments on my wall. Then I giggle and nod like a little kid at the various groups that everyone is joining (ex. Grow up math and solve your own problems!)..  I go back to grooveshark and start listening to music. But then, oh wait! I need MORE music. I spend like an hour looking for new songs or unreleased goods by some of favourite artists (Michael Jackson has like, a million that I keep discovering). I switch back to the school website and understand that I gotta do this and that for homework. Okay, I got all my textbooks and papers and pens all over the dining table, so why am I not touching either of them? 'Cause my brain is halfway around the Internet world catching up on debates on CTF between Christians, agnostics and atheists or I'm keeping up with what's going on in Hollywood (Liz Taylor is getting married...AGAIN!).

If I'm not surfing the web then I'm on Microsoft Word writing up random stories that have been reeling in my head for years. If I'm not doing that, then I'm looking through pictures of friends and family, smiling to myself and wishing I could take more pictures of them.  It's just another excuse to not look at my scary, ginormous psychology textbook. I really wish I wasn't like this. I don't blame anyone or anything but myself (I don't blame my dad for getting the laptop!) *sigh*

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5 Responses Apr 14, 2010

Same here! It really is a struggle!

I have sooo many stories in my head but the thing is I've put my ideas on paper and have actually started various chapters. My problem is putting everything together but I just suck at that lol

I feel like a sloth. I want to get writing. The story is in my head and ready to come out if I actually sat down and got to it. But I keep procrastinating and getting distracted! :P

It's really frustrating isn't it? I hate having a lack of motivation :( but I'm aiming to change all of that next year when school begins

I wish I could blame the computer for distracting me. Unfortunately all my distractions seem to come from within. My brain just switches off! If it makes you feel any better, I struggled to find the motivation to do any work for my psychology class too.