I Can Be A ***** To!

Women. Bah. Women with husbands, married, “in love”, but lieing to themselves and the world. I just wish women like this would man up- become what you expect, so you can expect what you give. Don’t play the sob story so that others can sob along with you- be strong women dammit.
It annoys me. It doesn’t annoy me because Im being totally insincere or insensitive, only maybe a little bit. Cuz I’m pretty sensitive, especially sensitive to the plights of women, being one. We are very much so feeling, sensitive creatures, in general not stupid though.
However! Some women, and the way they use their plights to invoke sympathy from men- annoys me. What bothers me a lot to is its not just one man- usually these women have a little army of men, making each one feel more special than the next, but using each for a separate purpose.
Some men are used simply to stroke the ego when they want to invoke admiration- the women boast about their perfect marriage, perfect life, perfect existence, only to hear confirmation of how really “amazing” they are. Some men are used to invoke sympathy- complaining about their lack of satisfaction, how they do not have anyone to just “love” them, these men will reassure them, they need to be loved, need to be cared about, need to be treated better. Using these men as “fillers” for the various needs they have but never considering how they are really behaving, always as if nothing is their fault, always as if the world is just so evil to them, like they are responsible for nothing and everyone owes them everything.
Basically, using a man to fufill needs, while not reciprocating the satisfaction. You yourself are married, fully committed to someone else yet you expect this man, who listens to your heart, you expect him to be fully committed to you in every way you use him- whether that is emotionally, or even sexually. Its disguised as “Friendship” to me but I often think that people who disguise it as friendship know full well they have a more ownership feeling than anything.
I hate to hear women then go off when a man is smart- these kind of women will focus again on how they are so alone, sobbing to other people for confirmation of their anger- they are so upset because that one person decided to cut themselves lose from their energy sucking ways.
Which is exactly what it is- you don’t want to give up the comfort of your dysfunctionally comfortable life, you want a man to give everything to you, provide yet another safe dysfunctionally comfortable route so you never have to really be responsible for anything.
You want easy- and if you cannot expect that from a man, if your manipulative “care about me” invoking tricks do not work, you at least expect him to give a **** when you want to complain about your life, you want all his energy focused on you in one way or another either physically or emotionally.
These women make me feel bad for men! That they are used and abused by irrational needy controlling women who refuse to focus on how they can help themselves, sobbing so that the men that give all their energy to them continue to do so. These women don’t consider what effect at all it has on the people they use- its just about ME, what I can get from you, what I want and am not getting.
It bothers me because this is something I understood a long time ago- if I have no real need for a man, no real desire, no real want to love him, no real connection- than it is wrong for me to have any expectations of him or to give him a false perception of me and what I am willing to offer. I think that is just common sense that a lot of people do not possess, at least not commonly.
It isn’t ok. It isn’t ok because the moment that happens to these women, when someone expects unconditional love from them yet cannot reciprocate, they will be hurt by it. Oh so quickly able to see how they are the victim, getting angry, being upset by it. Which, if its something you have been giving all along, understandly you would feel hurt, you would have every right to.
Though of course with some people, they are hurt, upset because these men realize they are being stringed a long, or realize that some women relish in the drama and they remove themselves- very much to the dismay of these self absorbed women. You can tell because often they seem in a state of shock- why oh why did this person leave me, what did I do, like life really could not go on, when it most certainly does for them. Complaints of being so lonely- so lonely because the men they use have figured out they are being used (used because there is no reciprocation of understanding or care), most definitely having their energy stolen through being forced to constantly cater to these womens emotions.
They make excuses, I just need a friend, I just needed you to understand me, to be this way or more that way or whatever. Always turning it around on these men who have been there dropping everything and modifying themselves and their behaviour to make this women happy- this women who couldn’t care less about their happiness, evident by the constant demands and game playing and inability to ever stop and say “yes, maybe I am wrong for expecting so much from you while I give nothing of myself or my life and do nothing to try to understand at all”.
So yeah. If you are a sobb'er, about how hard done by you are, about the fact that nobody loves you yet you are still married or with another man who I assume thinks there is love still between you, if you are still in a situation where you aren’t willing to sacrifice what is necessary to find it- then stop ******* bitching and complaining, stop ******* with the men who are decent people and give them a chance to find someone who is also genuinely decent- instead of sobbing about how much you care, how hurt you are, why not just try acting like you are actually that way, and like you don’t need a million people in your life to make up for it.
******* manipulative people! Exactly what is wrong with the world.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

lol, so frickin true. I never favorited a story before, but *favorites*, lol.<br />
<br />
Your always so smart tho, love that about you <3. Very intelligent and you always get stuff and can see things logically <3.<br />
<br />
If every woman was like you then the world would be a paradise and not so ******, lol.