It Cause A Scar

yes, I'm easily hurt by harsh words till sometimes they leave bleeding scars..I'm very sensitive and weak and this is the first time I admit this.
I'll tell you about one of my bleeding scars.. it's been 6 months now but it hurts as if it was yesterday.. I had a relationship with someone and I did everything to show him how much I love him.. but he was rude and cold.. he played me.. the day I told him I'm leaving him his reply was "ok, it's not like I can't live without you honey".. i can't even breath when i remember this moment.. i felt so cheap and forgettable.. I felt sorry for myself for loving someone whom felt this way about me.
I have alot of scars like this and they all made me the loner I am today.
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Your like me but I took put downs, lies , munipulation, violence, cheating from my partner for over 17 years and I'm the male in the relationship. I kept quiet and bottled it up because she is the aggressive argueing type and I'm not, and I'm still living with this narcissist person today but I have matured and seen the light of me leaving this toxic person soon , my spirit and self esteem has been scared for life by this dog, ( because humans have morals, a heart and common sense to stop ) sorry going off track,

But I know how u feel as I feel the same today