Irritable And Impatient

I've been told that I'm a difficult person to be around by my closest family and friends because I lack any patience and pretty much everything about some people drive me nutz. For example, if I'm sitting in a movie theatre and someone's eating popcorn behind me and chomping on it like an animal I can't enjoy the film. In fact if there is no where else to sit I will leave and ask for my money back. Other things include, if I go shopping or I'm walking around with someone and they walk behind me or way in front of me I get annoyed. Like why aren't you walking beside me since we are together. Also, when people stand over my shoulder while I'm doing something, such as cooking, reading, on my drives me crazy. When people talk with their mouth full of food I could just smack them across the face I think it's so disgusting. People clinking their pens in class or at work while I'm trying to focus on something also irritates me. Anyway, I think you have the idea.

I don't try to be this way, trust me. If there was anyway for me to be care free and irritation free I would do anything lol. Not all people trigger the same reaction from me because I have different tolerance levels depending on the person or the mood I'm in lol.

Yup so that's me.
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1 Response May 10, 2012

I'm also easily irritated. people say I'm crazy or thinks its embarrassing. what really get to me is when I'm out at restraunts Eatting or going threw the drive threw. if I don't get extactly what I ordered ill take it back. and get my money back. my friends say I should give them a break. but why should I? those workers r paid to cook the food. if I order and pay for it. I should get what I want and how I want it right...

Absolutely! McDonalds and Tim Hortons are the worst for that. I swear it's almost inevitable that what they hand you is incorrect or lacking of the whole order.