the woman that sits next to me frequently 'sings'. loudly. eerily. in no discernable key. really, it's a high pitched wailing sort of a chant. it carries easily down the hall and worms its way into my psyche. terrifying.

what makes it even worse is that the songs she sings are religious. so basically what i end up with is a banshee wailing "Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus" over and over and over and over......


update: and another thing that makes it worse is that it starts off very quietly, then progressively becomes louder and louder and LOUDER! but when it first starts, it's so quiet that i always think it might be in my head. then i start to worry that i'm losing my mind. THEN it starts getting louder, and i start wishing for the sweet release of death.

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update to this story: she got fired (ouch...), so i don't have to hear it anymore (yay!)

LOL! there is noAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

lol, i was just being silly :) i didn't really even look ;)


hooray! :)

You made me spit tea on my keyboard! too funny<br />

i wish he would.

do you think it's possible he might stop by <i>just</i> to ask her to stop?

i bet if Jesus stopped by he'd ask her to stop. although perhaps not, since it might be rude. maybe he could just imply that it was enough....

Ugh, that sounds terrible!

She'll summon someone/thing else at that rate, from the sounds of it. If she starts burning candles, flee the state, or at least the building...