My Best Friend... I Think.

I have a best friend and they met one of my friends. Now they hang out with each other almost everyday and are best friends, and I feel replaced by it. Whenever im with my "best friend" and their new best friend comes along they completely ignore me and walk up to them and start chatting and walking away with them, leaving me by myself, alone. It breaks my heart to see it happen almost everyday and I don't know what I should do...
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

I understand my friend.<br />
<br />
Most beautiful thing is that you are glowing moon on the sky .The moon always shows light for other who wants star from sky .But the moon is only one.Who around many stars.So dont worry.they are all stars but you are glowing moon and i am looking to you at this time from earth.

Because you are sweet girl

you should confront them it happens to me