Simply Replaceable

Replaceable. My friend and me have been doing things together all holidays. Usually we shop and see movies and hang out alot. These holidays we decided that we would go see Harry Potter 5 together when it came out. The day arrived, Harry Potter 5 had come out. I asked her if she wanted to go see it with me and she agreed. We decided to go on friday, because I was going shopping with my mum both Thursday and Saturday. She was fine with it. Until Thursday came and we didn't go shopping, I found out we were going shopping the next day, but I would be back in time for the movies and when the movie finished I could get my hair done, which is something I REALLY wanted to do. When I told her this, she asked me, "what is the point in going into town to see a movie if we can't go shopping before or after?" Hearing this I was shocked. I had asked her if she wanted to go see a movie, I didn't say anything about shopping. I told her, "The point is to SEE A MOVIE." She didn't listen, she just said, again, "What is the point in seeing a movie if we can't go shopping?" At this point I am wanting to slap her. "So are we going or not?", I ask her. "No, there's no point!", she says. Later that same night, like maybe an hour or two later, I call my other friend to talk to her and she tells me that the friend who cancelled on me called her up to ask if she wanted to go see that same movie, and go shopping. So I've been replaced. Because I only had enough money for movies and wanted to do something before and after the movies, I was replaced. Because it was like SHE planned I was replaced. I feel so insignificant now. I had been dying to see this movie and we promised each other we'd go together, but we can't go shopping and she cancels, what a friend... Glad to know I am simply replaceable...
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Very UN-friendly of your friend!:( But why didn't you agree to go to the shopping places with your friend, and just not buy anything? Enjoying the company can be just as fun as spending. I "window shop" while my sis buys things all the time. We have a blast laughing and joking about sale items, or patrons around us.