I Feel That Way....

I feel like I am easily replaced. I feel like it wouldn't matter if I wasn't there, because there would someone else to come along, and just take my place. I just feel that way, I know some people don't want me to feel that way, but I do.

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aly you are such a nice person and you are not replaceable. everyone has something about them that no one can replace and that means you also. sounds like your feeling some down and im so sorry. i know what that is like. on here when you write something and it doesn't get a reply, dont let it bother you as i cant tell you how many things i wrote and one person would reply to it, but i just ignored it after awhile., as i realized it really wasn't so important if it got a response, or not.

Aly you are irreplacable to all those people who love you, look to them.

Hey I like getting texts from you! Especially the ones with pretty pictures.... Wish I had nails like that....

Honey...nobody can tell you how to feel. But I can tell you that you are irreplaceable to me. *hugs*

AM I complaining?????


At least I know that your alive......

You know I care about you, so don't go thinking that I don't and that your a easy replacement...... Your not!!!!

Think that your wrong on that....... Which other EP niece is going to light up my phone at 3 am????


Come on.....

Answer the question.....

YEPPERS That is right!!!!

NO BODY!!!!!!

So you are not easily replaced in my book..... So let us stop that silly talk okay???


I'll let you have your moment....

Moment done!!!!!!!

(Throws a mud pie at ALY) HA!!!!!!