Toyed With Like A Pupet They Take And Move On

this is my lifes story,  my parents used to have political functions at our house and we'd get used.  peopell would take advantage of everything in our house.  but suddenly were where so out-of-date, and pasted by.

people are takers they take and take and leave you with nothing. my cousins did this to my father and left him penniless and unemployed, he'd been the radio person and they were out to teach him a lesson.  she went around lying about my family to get this guy to hate us.  and then my younger cousins did the same thing to me. and now my sister in-law is doing it and my brother-in law did it also, they are mental and I will never forgive. I will never forgive my cousins The Doonans, Tungates, Poachers , I hate the lanes (and I think they are liars) rena abused me and tried to cover up them sexually abusing me by getting trevor to employ me at his podiatry clinic - I hate them all for the sexually abusing me and setting up a man to rape me.

I will never forgive my brother in-law and there dirty family for putting rape and neglect into my life they ruined my career. and education, I have been ritually satanicly abused for too long.  to some degree I am happy to be rid of those people because they are too evil and they must pay.

most of my friends at one time or another have done just that.  come in take the food, the friends I have, and money, ideas, and move on and forget me. I have lost many friends who take up with other friends I have introduced to them, and then they all r eject me.  this has happened all my life. they don't invite me to parties, and shows they go to with other friends of mine.  etc you just get pushed out of a circle cuz you are not cool enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not clever enough, and now I just say "to hell with all that rubbish"...american boy rick ....anyway  I met in a film course in 1999, within three days of flirting with me and then coming on strong at a night club and touching me up on a dance floor it was like- gone - he went off ******* this other ***** you bashed me and tried to run me over,, he just didn't care- he had no back bone and cuz he was ******* her he couldn't stand up for a principle or law or anything, I hate weak people like that.  There's nothing I hate more than people who don't stand up for what is right and moral.

The lord god has told me to not forgive this time and to never back down.  I will not be going to anymore family-inlaw funerals, or weddings, and will not tolerate the bastards on my doorstep. my mother understands completely, I will not give in. like even if I got married next week, and i doubt I will ever marry, I will not invite family to my wedding. and I don't want them coming to my funeral, I told mum this today- because all they ever did was walk over me and insult me and abuse me sexually, emotionally, and mentally and physically.  they didn't want to know us for years- like they never liked us and would push us around.  why should they come to my funeral? I'd rather two or three good decent friends than a hundred pretend friends at my funeral.  its a hypocracy.

I pray one day I won't be so easily replaced. but I will never forgive. do you hear that heather ford of QC MOVE you dirty animal.  arrogant dog *****!!!

so go suck on your silly quotes I don't want to know you, I don't want to know my abusive cousins - I don't want to know nick, trevor, or louise, or any of you. I don't care about any of you - only me and getting the compensation I am entitled to from being abused- the abuse you still creating. so get out of my life you terrible terrible terrible people. I will never forgive you all.  you are all very replaceable in my life too, I will met better people who will like me because you can;'t silence me forever- I have truth on my side and you only have deceit.  one day i won't be easily replaced - not in jobs, love, or life.

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Mar 9, 2010