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So It Is Not Only Men Then......

I thought that it was only men that were easily turned on, being as most think with their ****. I found out different when I was decorating a very good friends house. This is many years ago now and I was quite naive. I remember noticing that when my friend went to work, his wife became.. shalll we say pro active. Always changing clothes, asking if she looked good in this, even leaving the bedroom door ajar whilst I was working close knowing I could see her slip out of something into something else God knows I was turned on and after chatting, she admitted she was always horny and the thought of knowing she was teasing made her wet with desire... what happened .... thats another story for another day
holdfirm holdfirm 46-50, M 1 Response Nov 8, 2011

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oh, been there and done that.<br />
she was teasing the hell outta you.<br />
you had your chance, BUT......................<br />
(next time don't be so dense)

well as I said...what happened next is another story.