From Zero To Ready And Wanting In Just One Kiss...

My boyfriend just told me the other day that he loves my high sex drive! There is never a day when we are together that we don't have sex somehow, somewhere, or someway...all he has to do is walk in the door and kiss me and I want him. Right then, right there.

Sometimes it's almost annoying...but I don't mind too much!! I just enjoy it and am having the best sex life of my entire life in my mid forties!!!
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46-50, F
3 Responses May 11, 2012

Have you always been this quick to be ready, or is it just HIM that makes you that way? You are so amazing, every guy would love to have a gf like you!

You give me hope to find someone like you.

We are out there! Its a matter of finding the right person. I honestly felt an immediate attraction to him the very first time I met him. I didn't know a thing about him (other than he was a coworker) but immediately wanted to have sex with him! Since we worked in different offices in different parts of the state it took me awhile but I finally made it happen! And we've been together ever since...20 months so far! And the sex just keeps getting better!
Good luck on your search!

welcome to the race!