Hershey Kisses For You

Sex always starts in your brain. Or at least mine anyway. I can see or look at any ordinary object and figure out how to make it something useful for a sexual purpose. Those Hershey Kisses in the night stand you like so much? Yep, I already had another purpose for them.

I think you should come upstairs and into the bedroom and get into bed with me. I’m going to lay on top of you with all your clothes on. Holding your hands down I will bite your lips and neck before I kiss you. I’m going to push up your shirt and lick your nipples while running my hands through your hair. I want you to shiver as you think about what I’m going to do to you. Sliding my hand into your jeans I’m going to grab your **** and fondle it until it’s hard enough for me to use both hands on. Pulling down your zipper and rubbing my face on your stiffness makes me so hot. I love that it’s so hard and warm on my cheek.

I want to **** you but I want to suck your **** too. Just one or two licks on the head of your **** and then moving my tongue down it’s hardness to put my mouth on your balls. I’m tasting them and putting them into my mouth so I can feel them tighten as you lay there thinking about how much you like feeling me gently sucking on one and then the other. Holding them I kiss your inner thigh and lick my way back to your ****. Starting at the bottom I move my lips up the side, stopping at the top run my tongue across the top tasting the saltiness of what’s starting to leak out before making my way down the other side. I need to feel all of you now and take you between my lips and slowly to the back of my throat. I’m going to keep your **** in my throat for as long as I can because I know that feels good to you, having you stiffness all the way inside my mouth where it’s warm and wet. I like it when you grab my hair and move my head up and down your shaft the way you want me to. Feeling you in between my lips makes me want suck you until you come. But instead I pull you on top of me and start to rub myself on your hardness. I want you to hold me down and bite my neck. I want to feel how hard you get biting and squeezing my nipples while they get hard under your fingers.. I’m going to put a Hershey kiss between my ***** lips until it melts and then you’re going to lick it. I’m going to hold your face between my legs until you eat all that chocolate melting in me. I want to hold onto your hair so I can move your tongue exactly where I want it. I want to feel your warm breath on my **** and your mouth sucking on my swollen lips until I’m so hot and wet I moan.. I’m am going to be so close to coming that I’m going to pull you up on me before I can’t stop myself. You’re going to grab my legs under my knees and force them up to my head. Leaning forward on me the head of your **** is pushing against the warm wetness of my ****.

I don’t even want a warning, I want you to push my knees down hard and just ram your **** into me as roughly as you can. Just ******* shove your shaft in and out of me as deep as it can go until my ***** tightens around you. I will put my legs around your neck and cross my ankles to keep you inside me so I can grind my **** on you while you’re deep inside me. I want to hear you tell me how slutty I am and how hard you’re going to give that piece of meat to me. I want you to tell me every dirty, nasty, thought you have while you force yourself inside me. You’re going to tell me I’m a little ***** who’s ***** teasing days are over. How you’re going to screw me until it hurts and make me say I like it, that I want it harder, faster and deeper. That yours is the only **** I’ll ever have and I’ll love it. That I will do what you say and when you say it. And that I will **** you however and whenever you want me to. You put your hands around my neck while your hot **** slams in and out of my hole and asks me if I understand you. I am going to get off on having you only think of yourself and how your hard as steel penis abuses me while you hold my legs so hard they bruise .And just before I come I want you to pull your **** almost all the way out and then thrust it back inside me so I can grab your *** and pull you deeper inside me so I can feel your hard shaft jerk as it pumps your come into me. I want to feel your balls tighten while you shoot your load into me. I love to feel that. I want your **** in between my legs until it goes soft. When it’s no longer hard I want to feel it in my mouth again. I want you to tell me to lick and suck the warm stickiness from you while you lay back and almost fall asleep. But before you do I’m going to give you a Hershey Kiss.
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29 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Oh god yesssssssss

Wow good story! Please add so we can share


Oh we need to chat......WOW.....Great story

Hot story, I need a kiss!

Wow. You write erotica very well. Nice!

I am ready for a Hershey Kiss and everything that goes with it!

hell yes ! ! ! good story ,, I got a bag of kisses left from Halloween never opened ,,you can use !

hell yes ! ! ! good story ,, I got a bag of kisses left from Halloween never opened ,,you can use !

This Hershey Kiss move is one of the best I've ever heard. I can't wait for someone to agree to participate.

Exceptional imagery. You made me crazy horny this morning. Thanks. I can't wait to read more of your stories. Please add me as a friend.

Please add me, I love what you are thinking about.

Quite an imagination, I like that in a girl

Damn baby ! ill eat your pretty ***** with or without a HERSHEY KISS ! And i love how you have sucked my **** and balls and are ready for me to shove my **** in your wet juicy ***** ! omg your ***** is so tight and wet ! thats is ***** , moan like the **** that you are !you love the way my thick is **** pounding your ***** ! i pick up speed and explode! i give you a nice big cream pie and have you suck and lick me clean off our mutual juices ! what a good lil sexy **** you are ! ( the name calling was ur idea - i hope u liked ! )

great story wish i could be there mmmmm

Delicious!....you make my mouth water! We have some great chocolatiers in Madison!

Wow, that's some hot prose! I'm gonna keep a bag of Kisses close by. Nicely done. I hope you'll drop in and check some of my stories sometime.

I will never eat chocolate the same again. Thank you so much

Very well written sweetpetite...and what a vivid imagination...I am taken away by it..I still have the taste of it in my mouth!

yes very hot story. i like the mint kisses.i have a couple changes though i think u might like in it.also a couple of idea i would like yu to try 4 new sextoys.i would eat u up where have u been all my life.u would never have to worry about not getting enough sex from me.u would always be dripping my *** from one of your holes or mouth.u wanna play this mourn

Awesome story! How do you always know what I like? Love your stories, keep writing 'em!

my kind of session

What are you en erotic writer or a **** director? If you do these things for real you will be the queen of erotica!

Mmmmmmmmmmm love Hershey kisses and i love the naughty messy way you love to play with them!! I bet they would melt into a chocolate mess in a second but after i was done licking and sucking your hot wet ***** there would be no trace!!

Wow...GREAT story!

So stealing your Hershey kiss idea!
I wanted to lick it out of you and I really don't go there,,
Okay, so I do but on a rare special occasion and chocolate would be one of them lol

MMM what a great story. I'll certainly be smiling the next time I enjoy a Hershey Kiss!

Your stories are so good every time I read one I get major wood.

Very nice. You should try and write more. Your words inspire.

holy **** i almost blew my load in my pants just reading this ! i would love to be with someone like you !