Simple Things....

I lay here in my hot bubble bath,just soaking the day away.I can see my panties that I just slipped out of on the floor beside the tub.I think of the fun I have had in them ,whilst alone and with my husband......sadly they have seen no action today.
As I lather soapy bubbles over my breasts I am reminded of how much I enjoy having them touched and sucked on. I wish I had company right now,I am in real need of a good seeing to...........
lipsi lipsi
36-40, F
4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I believe I can be of service here

lipsi... would you like my hand on your mound... pushing your panties aside and fingering you... while your husband watches?

I would love to take a bath with you !
And touch and suck your breasts and help to clean ! This would be nice no?

Very nice and it conjures up some very wonderful images. Brings back memories of a time spent with some on in a tune made for two.