I *********** Last Night

. Im married but i constantly crave an encounter with a woman. In fact the only way *** or enjoy ******* my man is to close my eyes and imagine a woman when he is eating my *****. Or a sweet soft woman is ******* me with a strap on talking to me in a woman's voice. I have all the fantasies a down and dirty one time meet a woman and have a hot sexy **** fest, we would just have hot sex. Then I imagine a really experienced tender but make me scream one, a lovely *********, ************ while each of us watched,

Last night I was by myself after spending time here. I was so ******* horny, i had time to myself and went to be early,had on a white T my boobs are huge and no underwear, and as soon as i got i bed and spread my legs, I slapped my **** over and over until I yelped
I made sure my fingers were so wet I licked them and made sure I had extra spit, I rubbed my entire *****. I imagined it was another woman's ***** like I wrote in my story, I made sure I rubbed myself the same way lanother **** would rub. I was grinding and pumping imagining being entwined pushing **** to **** rubbing **** to ****. I came so hard, a just layed there rocking rubbing and ******* in a slosh of wetness more and more spilling each time I shuddered and came again
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I am also married but crave being with a woman. Last night I went to bed and just couldn't fall asleep, so I rubbed my **** and thought about all the amazing stories I had read on here during the day and all the beautiful women's pictures I saw. I imagined I had a woman between my legs and came quickly at the thought. Needless to say, I slept like a baby!