What's In A Name

The serious relationships in my life have all been, bar one, with men called *Peter. My first teenage love was Peter, my Husband was Peter, another Peter and I were together for two years while I was with the fourth Peter for four years. So it was a family joke that, because I talked in my sleep, it was indeed fortunate that they had all been called Peter. After the last Peter and I broke up I informed them all there would be no more Peters in my life. I was quite determined about that.

A while later I decided I needed to get away so my Mother and I went on a trip to Singapore. We had arranged to go on a harbour tour the following day and duly fronted up to the hotel reception in the morning to have them arrange a taxi for us. We were told there was already another party waiting to go to the harbour and would we mind sharing a taxi with him. They discreetly pointed him out to us. He was gorgeous! My Mother and I looked at each other wide eyed and immediately I accepted the offer of sharing a taxi. We exchanged polite chatter during the journey then said our goodbyes at the harbour.

Mum and I wandered around for a little before boarding the vessel. We made our way to the top deck and who should be standing there but the stranger who'd shared our taxi! Of all the tours, in all of Singapore, he had to be on mine! (Sorry, Rick.) He smiled brightly when he saw us and laughed because in all the chatter in the taxi we had not discussed which tour we were actually going on. "Looks like you're stuck with me Ladies," he said. I introduced myself and then Mum. As we shook hands he smiled and said......

"And my name is Peter."

My Mother immediately burst out laughing, much to the bemusement of our new friend and my mortified embarrassment. Bless her cotton socks! How the hell was I going to be able to explain that?

The story does continue but that's for another time. *Name changed.
Zoranna Zoranna
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

The name Susan has been the one with me, and quite unlucky for me also.

Well I won't introduce you to my sister Susan!

Lol I take each individual on their own merits, I don't avoid the name. I enjoyed the read.

Apparently, you suffer from the Peterence Namesono Syndrome. Good luck on the next one in waiting!

Quite an interesting read!!

Thanks! :)