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Despite what you may have heard, I am quite easy to get along with. Most of our brothers in the FSK are quite accessible. When referred to as the Game or the Playmaker, there's almost an intimidating nature about such a title when the reality is that I'm here for meaningful exchanges. Yes I make no secret of the fact that I am a charismatic, charming rogue when a potential lover beckons or when the promise of a sensual reward is hinted at but the rest of the time I am just Etain, a loyal Rider. I'm here to listen, to hear new ideas and concepts. To dance on that wavelength where the hearts, souls and minds of humanity unite on a spiritual plateau is the ultimate goal. Even those who hate talking on the phone or sharing anything about themselves or who expect to hate me or not give a damn find something intoxicating emanating from the lines written although they may be spoken as well. Smooth as silk in my conversation, sharp in my wit and dedicated in my efforts to work your character out in the open am I. No ruthless guile or corny gimmicks here to be found(ok well maybe a few but all in good taste).
TheCrimsonGuard TheCrimsonGuard 31-35, M Feb 5, 2013

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