I'm very easy to get along with , I like fun conversations but once people start to find out I'm really friendly they start to take that a wrong way and start to distance there selfs 👀 and think I'm awkward 😐
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Well I wonder why that is too.
I have had the same thing happen.
this woman at work has been talking and flirting with me for 2 months... so I finally get up the courage to ask her out....
and she stands me up on the first date then now avoids me...
I've been going through alot lately and it took alot for me to even ask her out...
it really hurts the feelings...
why do women do that kind of thing.

When I'm nice they think I'm hitting on them that makes me not want to talk to anyone

Some will, some will not.

wow,then i like talking to awkward people

I'm awkward. Nice to meet you