Nobody hates me and I feel as though it's caused me to be scared of being myself with all people. I think I'm too good at reading people and knowing how to morph my personality to theirs
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Same here :/

I do the exact same thing. The trick is to only mimic the things you like. It's like taking pieces of people and adding them to yourself making them your own until your happy with the kind of person you are

My personality is similar to yours. I consider it being myself to be like that though. The problem is I don't enjoy the company of a lot of people even though a lot of people want to associate themselves with me. It is so amazing to find someone I can really trust and talk about things that are important to me.

I am reserve person

Something that oddly may be helpful is being ok with someone not liking you. ( even though you're awesome) there will always be those few people who don't like something for whatever reason. It's ok if someone doesn't like you, it doesn't always reflect on you. This is what I've done with myself because I hate to have people angry or disappointed with me but I know it's going to happen somewhere and that's ok and doesn't mean I'm a bad person:) I offer this only with the intention of relieving the pressure of needing to be meeting expectations. I in no way mean that you aren't nice or anything like that (just to be super sure it doesn't come off that way). But you are a star and stars shine and are beautiful! You're nature is wonderful!! There are just some people who flow on a different frequency or surf on a different way or shine a different color, (whatever analogy works) that doesn't mean you have done something wrong or are missing something, just that they are on a different (whatever analogy). Hope that helps at least a lottle

I'm easy to get along with (Or so i'm told.) but ironically almost everyone hates me. How does that work :I

Maybe you're sociable and enjoyable but never afraid to stand your ground. I think it's a good thing to have conflict

I guess. I've found most of my closest friends were never really friends with me at first haha. Now they can't live without me <3

don't feel alone been like that most of my life