It is one of my many Blessing from GOD.
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How do you know God exists have you any evidence. You are easy to get along with because that is who you are inside not because of something outside

GOD is the Caretaker of Inside. He OWNs Each and Every Heart.

That is assuming he or she exists. You have no proof and if you want to believe in something that isn't real that is your choice but please don't tell me what to believe as I won't tell you. Have a good life

There is no evidence to disprove or prove god. However you are the one who started the debate about god. This is bluemah's experience and he should be free to express himself in anyway he wishes. If he wishes to post about god he may do so.

And I haven't said he shouldn't. Religion is a circular argument in other words there is no proof either way so neither side is right or wrong. I just hate people who look down on me and think they are superior because they do believe and I choose not to. Each to their own

When did he say he was superior to you?

It was a general statement and by just making that post he is saying he is right about his beliefs. As I said there is no proof on either side so no one will ever win this argument

Leave this sick head alone. Don't answer him. He sounds like one of those Southern Ghetto White Red Neck, who believes all Black should be SLAVED At first then can be President. Ignore him.

Thanks. At least Respect others is the common norm/moral of Civilization.

Who are you? I said what I believe. If you do not, why bother even adding a Comment. When I saw Atheist's make Comments or Insult or any such. I Ignore Them. I do not speak to them at all.

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