As a female I am easy to get along with here and in person. I am not an angry person because I prefer to be positive and not negative.
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I love surrounding myself with positive people. Makes life so much more enjoyable.

me too ,,I prefer nice people to negative ones ,,but try to be all things to all men so I may even win a few grumpy ones over ,
I find a lot of grumpy people are that way from people not giving them the respect they are due ,,
so I bless the grumpy ones too ,,and every once in a while ,,not always ,but once in a while ,I win some of them over too ,
have a blessed day ,glad to see another kind heart here too ,

hey there would love to chat

If you screw with me boy are you a Moron......I Am So Easy Too Get Along With If I Cant get along Its All Your Fault

Good way to think.

Yes it is. Less stress too.