except my boyfriend of 3 years.... idek what to do any more. any advice?
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Maybe you have outgrown him. Does he meet your needs? Is there something kissing in your life?

If you love him stay with him

A relationship works with 2 people. Not one person trying and the other not. If he does not try his part to fulfill the relationship the end it. He's not the one. You will know the one when you both put your effort into the relationship.

If you aren't happy then dump him. If you two don't see a future why waste your time. When you are wasting the time with the next one .

Cut the cord

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Just do what you think is right. Do what's best for you.

Having read some of your other replies, do you think you know him too well. If you are arguing about the colour of the sky, do you think you can acknowledge what he things and state what you think and not have to resolve the difference.
If that was resolved, would he be looking for another woman?
If you don't think you will be happy with him in the future, if you can't see him being part of the future you dearly wish to have, let him go. It will be best for both of you. You are young enough to find someone more compatible with your future.
If it takes you a while to work out if he is in your future, you can practice getting along better with him in the meantime. It will be a good skill to have as that way you won't end up in the same situation in the future.

beautifully said. thank you very much for your consideration and your response.

If Happiness > Sadness, keep him and try to work it out. Otherwise you're just wasting your time hurting yourself.
Life is too short to try and change someone who's not good to you.
Good luck to you!

leave him ?

make a new gf

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Hehehehe. R u the boyfriend or a lawyer or both. Or do u just watch alot of court case movies. Lol

Just watch a lot of legal stuff. Was considering becoming a paralegal or lawyer at one point, actually.... totally forgot about that until you just reminded me.

Mmmmmmm...so what r u doing now. Why not paralegal

Tell him to f off. Really. Dont lick a mans @ss. It will never come right

If he has been the only guy you have had a long relationship with then I would consider being in another relationship and try not to bring the baggage from yours and his relationship.

Sure you're not married? Jk

100% im just very old fashioned. I don't want to just "throw him out" and move on to the next one. we've been together for three years and thats still (to me) a pretty sacred bond. it just sucks what happens over time

I hear ya. My ex girlfriend put up with a lot of sh**t with me and I'm surprised that she didn't break up with me sooner. I messed up a lot with her and she held on for a long time. I'm very different now and we are good friends and still care for each other. I have nothing Bad to say about her what so ever, so I know that leaving someone is more complicated than it sounds. I wish you luck 👍

Get over it. U r young. Dont wadte ur time. Move on

both of you are correct

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i admit my post being a little vague, but all in all- we still love each other but over time there is miscommunication. we argue over weather the sky is blue or light blue. and after a scenario where I caught him engaging several women online, I went bonkers and we separated for three months. for whatever reason we got back together and since i just dont trust a single bone in his body. I'm going mad just over thinking but as i said, I don't even know any more.

thank you. I'll definitely keep this on mind

Consider that if he's engaging women online, perhaps he wants to be free to experiment , & doesn't know how to give himself permission to leave you. You're both young, & most likely would benefit from a lot more relationships before you settle down 'forever'. Arguing all the time isn't cute, just a sign that you're incompatible or that one person or both is/are finding reasons to disagree because deep down you're unhappy.
Tell him you are considering leaving the relationship because you're very sad. If his answer in insensitive, and more about himself, instead if apologies, & statements surrounding 'let's figure it out', then it's time to move on IMO .